How's your English?

Check your answers to our quiz with the key below ...


  1. - “Miss” is similar to “Fraulein”. Correct to use “Ms” or “Mrs” if you know the woman is married.
  2. - The first letter in any word of any email or letter should always be a capital. This should be “I”
  3. - The tense is wrong; write “ I am sending you...”.
  4. - This is not very polite; better would be “Can you please tell me...”.
  5. - The correct preposition is “by” as we want to know “no later than” Friday.
  6. - “Chef” is a man in a kitchen. You mean to say “boss” or “manager”
  7. - The tense is wrong. We either use the present perfect and delete “last week” or use the simple past and delete “have”.
  8. - We need to move “last week” to the end of this sentence.
  9. - Do you mean the real figures or the current figures? Aktuell translates to “current”, actual is “Eigentlich”.
  10. - This is not polite; better alternative “We need these urgently, so please send them as soon as possible".

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